October 6, 2017
Fall Auto Oil Sale

It’s our Fall Auto Oil Sale, which means there’s no better time than now to try Sonic Synthetic! Discover the difference that a full-synthetic dexos1 Approved gasoline engine oil will make for your vehicle’s engine. 

As vehicle technology continues to improve, so does the quality of oil. Modern gasoline engines run hotter, making lubricants work harder – therefore higher-quality products are required to reach peak performance.

Typical standards that gasoline engine oils are expected to meet include:

  • Reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • Increased engine power and fuel economy
  • Better performance in extreme conditions

dexos1™ Approved

A whole new category of standards has been created to comply with General Motors’ engine technology. This category is known as dexos1™ Approved specifications, where engine oil standards are taken to the next level. All dexos1TM Approved oils are subject to extensive trials, well beyond other industry-testing rigours. This means the oil is expected to perform above current standards set by the American Petroleum Institute and International Lubricant Standards and Approvals Committee.

The Results                   

  1. Improved fuel economy and optimized oil life
  2. Substantial wear and corrosion protection
  3. Improved shear stability
  4. Low-temperature pumpability

Sonic Synthetic

As a 100 per cent synthetic gasoline engine oil that complies with dexos1™ Approved specifications, Sonic Synthetic will provide year-round protection and excellent performance for your vehicle. With extreme cold weather starting, enhanced oxidative stability and superior engine-wear protection, taking care of your vehicle starts on the inside. Sonic Synthetic will help extend your engine’s life, while keeping up with today’s stringent standards.

Visit your local Co-op, or call our Bulk Center at 204-346-2667, for more details.