T4A's are in the Mail!

March 6, 2018
T4A's are in the Mail!

You should be receiving your T4A in the mail very soon, if you have not already! 

A T4A is a statement of pension, retirement, annuity or other income. These are mailed out to all members who have have earned over $100 in the past year. If you did not receive a T4A, then you did not meet the $100 earning and therefore do not need a T4A.

IF you received a T4A, box 30 will show your patronage allocations - do not report this amount if it was for goods or services you consumed and for which you cannot deduct the cost when you calculate income tax. However, do keep this together with the rest of your income tax forms to claim the tax deducted back (box 22)

No cheque was mailed with this statement. Cheques were mailed out on March 1st. 

For further details please contact us at our Bulk Retail Center 204.346.2667