Name Change for Ste. Anne Co-op

May 10, 2018
Name Change for Ste. Anne Co-op
At our Annual General Meeting on March 22nd, a generous amount of members of Ste. Anne Co-op voted for us to begin the process of changing the name of the Co-op. 

The new name is Clearview Consumers Co-op Ltd.

As of May 1st, the name change became official. 

"Why Clearview? It suggests a Clear Vision ahead, a Positive view forward" says Henry Nickel (General Manager). Also our members wanted a name that was inclusive for ALL our communities that we serve."

Ste. Anne continues to play very important part of the Co-op today, and remains very important part of the Co-op’s history. 

The new name, Clearview Co-op, is inclusive to all the communities the Co-op serves, as well as speaking to its history and vision for customer service, member’s equity returns, and community commitment, as the Co-op continues to expand.