Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

From farmers to local business people, our membership is as varied as the products we offer. They do all have one thing in common though; they are all voting shareholders in a community business that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the people it serves. When you purchase a membership in Clearview Co-op you are investing in a local business, and receive the same benefits that have been enjoyed by over one million Co-op shareholders across Western Canada.

  1. Convenience and competitive pricing from a locally owned and operated business.
  2. The chance to help guide the affairs of the co-op by participating in membership meetings and Board of Director elections.
  3. Sharing in any net savings earned by the Co-op including, cash-back dividends.
  4. Participating in members-only promotions.
  5. Supporting a socially responsible organization dedicated to the well-being of your community.


Your Co-op membership offers you a lifetime of rewards including the promise of high-quality products and service at competitive prices. We also offer the potential for annual cash-back and an equity account that grows over time, as well as the opportunity to get involved as a member-owner. This makes us a different kind of business; our profits are your profits and they are invested directly back into the community through you.

  • Your $10.00 Membership Fee goes into your Share Account
  • Each time the member makes a purchase, he or she will be asked to give their
  • Your purchases are recorded when you use your Member Number
  • Your purchases are totalled at year end (October 31)
  • A portion of your purchases will be added to your Share Account, based on the Co-op's profits
  • A percentage of your total Shares get paid out every year
  • The balance gets carried forward to the next year and the process is repeated
  • Your Share Account will increase each year that you make purchases and your payouts will get larger